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Basic information

Reasons for awarding the title „The Top Research Team“ to the Košice Group of Discrete Mathematics (KOSDIM)

Košice is a well-known European centre for discrete mathematics. It is so because in this town there is a group of mathematicians working in graph theory and several other branches of discrete mathematics. The core of the group (KOSDIM in the sequel) is affiliated with Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, and consists of seven people, namely Igor Fabrici, Mirko Horňák, Stanislav Jendroľ (the leader), Mária Maceková, Tomáš Madaras, Gabriel Semanišin, and Roman Soták.

All above mentioned mathematicians are recognized as regularly publishing scientists. For example, during the period 2010-2016 they published (as authors/coauthors) altogether over 90 original scientific papers, almost all ranked as Category A outputs according to the Slovak Accreditation Commission (listed in SCOPUS and/or Web of Science databases).

There are hundreds of citations of the papers authored/coauthored by KOSDIM members. The Hirsch index of KOSDIM is at least 19.

KOSDIM has an extended long lasting international cooperation with colleagues all over the world (Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, France, India, Indonesia, South Africa, China, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom) which resulted in dozens of joint papers.

KOSDIM organizes annually, since 1992, an international conference Cycles and Colourings. The conference is well-known in the worldwide community of graph theorists (see, for example, Links to Combinatorial Conferences by Douglas West Top world specialists accept invitations to be plenary speakers at Cycles and Colourings.

Starting with the academic year 2002/2003 P. J. Šafárik University has the right to perform the third level (doctoral) studies in discrete mathematics. Since then, over 20 young mathematicians obtained their PhD. title under supervision of KOSDIM members.

Several young scientists, who are very successful in their professional mathematical career, have a KOSDIM background (František Kardoš - University of Bordeaux, France; Július Czap, Erika Fecková-Škrabuľáková, Andrea Feňovčíková-Semaničová, all working at Technical University of Košice).

Last update: 12.12.2017